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Art Therapy

Art Therapy, originally uploaded by AnomalousNYC.

A Palestinian boy plays in front of the ruins of his home. Every little dot you see is a bullet hole. The bigger dots are holes from tank shells and mortars. There are thousands of homes in Rafah that look like this, because of constant Israeli gunfire into the camp and city. It has been like this for years now. Most of them are still inhabited, but Israel routinely bombards building like this one with bullets, sometimes for hours a day, in order to make sure residents don`t return to the areas that are being ethnically cleansed. In this building in the devastated Tel-al-Sultan part of the Rafah Refugee Camp, you can see that each sliver of window glass has been systematically shot out. Evidence of a little fun, or boredom, or perhaps artistic expression, from the Israeli Occupation Army.

The building in this photo was built and funded entirely by donations from international relief organizations, in order to provide shelter for some of the 90,000+ refugees in Rafah who had already been driven from their homes by earlier Israeli attacks. A majority fo the residents of the Gaza Strip are themselves refugees from the Israeli ethnic cleansing of 1948 and 1967.

The destruction of the southermost areas of the city of Rafah in May 2004 was called, in very typical Israeli fashion, "OPERATION RAINBOW."

About 2,500 totally innocent people had their homes and all their belongings destroyed without notice. Bulldozers arrived in the middle of the night and just started pushing down walls.

About 45 Palestinians were killed. Most were civilians and many children were among those laid out in the morgue. Unprepared for the flood of corpses, the local clinic had to store the bodies and body parts in a walk-in refrigerator at a local dairy farm. Relatives wanting to view or claim the coprses of their loved ones had to wait in the cow-milking area.

Operation Rainbow.


Photo by Anomalous, Lower East Side, NYC, USA.


Blogger dark-forest said...

why won't you write about the bombs?
innocent people, women and children riding a bus, the blown to pieces? what about the missiles fired every day by terrorists towards innocent cities?
how can you write about this so naaivly, thinking that the only suffer is taken by palestinians?

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you mean to say, of course, is: Why won't you do what everyone else does, and write only about Jewish suffering.

There is something obscene about your insistence that no one can discuss the misery imposed on Palestinians without simultaneously discussing Jewish suffering. In order to sell your morally fraudulent case, like most zionists, you simply lie to yourself and to everyone who will isten.

I can point to at least three lies here. The first lie is that I won't or don't write about "the bombs," by which of course you mean THEIR bombs, not YOUR bombs. I do write about these things, but that is not the subject of this post.

The second lie is that you talk about "missiles fired every day" by Palestinians. This is simply a lie. In 5 years Hamas has done 58 suicide bombings. All the other groups combined are less than that many. So we're talking slightly more than a hundred suicide bombings in FIVE years. By my math that doesn't come even close to "every day." Over the entire half century since the forcible imposition of Israel, I would bet you that the entire number of Israelis killed by "missiles fired towards innocent cities" is less than 100. On the other hand, ISRAELI missiles ARE fired every day, and innocnet PALESTINIAN people, women and children, are blown to pieces every day.

he third lie is that I think the only people who suffer in this conflict are Palestinians. That is not at all the case. But put, for exmaple, the suffering of Iraqis and the suffering of Americans side by side in this American war. This is about the same as the suffering of Israelis and Palestinians. In each case the massively stronger party attacks and butchers a captive population for their own greedy interests. And in each case the ratio of misery is about the same. For every Texas mom who lost some pimpley son, there are several hundred thousand Iraqi mothers who have lost everything - home, parents, children, husband, job, life, ability to reproduce, health, future. Everything. This is what Israel is doing and you are decieving yourself if you think it is relevant to compare Zionism's ghoulish century of ethnic cleansing and racial subjugation of Palestinians with the 100 or so suicide bombings of the last 5 years.

4:04 PM  

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